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Date:          13th, 20th, 27th of February 2019

Cost:           €295 per person

Time:          9.30am to 5.00pm

Location:   Carlow

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Workshop One: Candidate Attraction.


This workshop provides tips and best practice for hiring companies to maximise their candidate attraction through persuasive writing, targeted placement and employer brand visibility. It will also involve one-one-one consultation for the production of a finished job ad that will entice, influence and motivate candidates to apply.

Topics this workshop will address:

  • Why an effective attraction strategy is essential to modern day recruitment
  • The difference between a job spec and a job ad
  • What is employer branding and why it is crucial for attracting top talent?
  • How to write compelling, persuasive and Google/job board optimised job ads
  • What times should (or shouldn’t) you post your ads?
  • How to create eye-catching and engaging social media posts
  • Why the application process should be as seamless as possible  This workshop is a mixture of theory and practice with various stages of trainee interaction. It will include the following practical exercises:

Practical exercises

  • Trainees will identify examples of good and bad job ads – this will give an indication of their understanding
  • Review a job specification highlighting errors and omissions – this practical exercise encourages greater understanding of a crucial part of the process
  • Complete the ‘adbuilder’ – use a customised template designed to gain key information to transform the ad
  • Write the ad using the key learnings from the session – writing in the workshop allows ongoing consultation and live feedback from the trainer
  • Devise an advertising strategy
  • Produce social media posts
  • Walk through applying for a job online

What is required for the workshop:

  • A spec for a job ad that the trainee continuously hires for, or the toughest job to attract candidates to
  • Ideally, a laptop/PC to amend the job spec, complete the adbuilder and write the ad.


Workshop Two – The Applicant Journey 

Topics this workshop will address:


Attracting the best candidates to apply for your jobs is only part of the challenge; if arguably the toughest element. After all your hard work, there are many ways you can lose those great people along the application process. A negative experience will damage your employer brand, but it can also harm your revenue-generating business. When you’re recruiting, you need to make the candidate journey as seamless as possible, so you can hire superb talent that will make a positive contribution to your business going forward.

  • Why the candidate journey is a crucial part of the recruitment process
  • Applying for the job, what could go wrong?
  • How to screen CVs & applicants quickly and effectively
  • Planning the interview process
  • How to conduct interviews that will analyse the most suitable person for the job
  • Shortlisting, selecting and offering
  • Transforming an applicant into an employee and the pitfalls to avoid

Practical exercises

  • This workshop is a mixture of theory and practice with various stages of trainee interaction. It will include the following practical exercises:
  • Discussion on the importance of the candidate journey with trainees suggesting the potential pitfalls
  • A live walk-through a candidate’s experience of a bad application process and a great one
  • Screen a CV using the tips given in the workshop
  • Role-play of screening a candidate over the phone
  • Role-play of handling a counter-offer
  • Discussion on the pitfalls of transforming an applicant into an employee

What is required for the workshop:

  • A mobile phone to use for comments and opinions
  • Due to data protection, we’ll have to work with dummy CVs, which the trainer will provide


Workshop Three – Candidate Retention

This workshop provides participants with best practice theory and practical techniques on how to improve employee retention. Participants will walk away from this workshop with actionable goals that will help engage staff and build on their employer brand.


Topics this workshop will address:

  • Why is employee retention an important part of business strategy?
  • Why do employees leave their jobs/ companies?
  • What is employer branding and how does it contribute to staff retention?
  • Why a strong onboarding process is essential
  • Practical solutions to improve employee retention

Practical exercises

  • This workshop is a mixture of theory and practice with various stages of trainee interaction involving discussion, idea generation, online input/flip charts and an action plan. It will include the following practical exercises:
  • A discussion on consumer brands so attendees learn about employer brand and how it affects retention, even in small companies
  • List what’s involved in an onboarding process
  • Use to share opinions and best practice, building on the knowledge in the room around retaining talent
  • Participants get a range of solutions from which to cherry-pick what works best for their companies
  • Produce an action plan on how and when to implement the solutions chosen for their respective companies

What is required for the workshop:

  • A mobile phone to use for comments and opinions
  • A laptop to produce the action plan using a template.


Follow up

  • After the session, the trainer will monitor the ads to ensure they are getting maximum exposure
  • A week after the jobs are posted the trainer will follow up with the trainees to ascertain and discuss the performance of the job ads
  • A month after the session the trainer will review the trainees’ live ads and critique them, giving advice on where they can improve them
  • This is a crucial part of the process as the trainees learn more having created their ads independently and then receiving guidance on what they have overlooked from the training

Stephen Flanagan bio

Stephen is an employer brand consultant, who helps organisations attract and retain the best talent to continue their success and growth.

He also shares his experience consulting with companies in workshops and seminars.

Stephen has been presenting regularly for the past 25 years. He has 20 years in various marketing positions working with brands such as Vodafone, O2, Coors Light, Ulster Bank, Etihad, Tayto, Sony Playstation and RTE.

During his eight year tenure with Hays, the largest specialist recruitment consultancy in the world, he devised a training plan for recruiters to help them with their candidate attraction and delivered it to over 300 internal consultants. He has delivered a range of seminars and workshops for the likes of Enterprise Ireland, Beauchamps Solicitors, University of Limerick, DCU and the Digital Hub.

Observing the huge gap in the market for employer branding services, Stephen set up his own consultancy – TalentAttract. The business provides a range of services for organisations who have difficulty with attracting & retaining talent.

Stephen also provides training to hiring companies around candidate attraction and staff retention.

In 2017 he embarked on a roadshow around the tech start-up hubs in Ireland, helping small companies attract & retain talent.