Brand Strategy Workshop

Date:  9th February 2023

Tutor: Deirdre Martin

Venue: Online

Time: 9.30 12.30

Investment: €45

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Our trainer for this workshop is Deirdre Martin. The workshop will run on 9th Feb 2023 from 9.30-12.30, online.

What’s brand strategy?

Despite common misconceptions, a brand strategy is not a logo. Brand strategy is not the promise you make to your clients nor the reach, impressions, or touchpoints you’ve created with your clients as part of your marketing strategy.


It’s not the colours you use or which social media platform you’re on. Branding is the gut feeling that your ideal clients have about you. So if you’re the brand, it’s the feeling about you. If your business is the brand, it’s the feeling about the programs, products, or services you offer, your employees, your visual appearance, and much more.


Your clients get those feelings when they hear, see, think or touch things associated with your brand. Memories are the result, and those memories can impact your reputation.


Your brand is your reputation. But it’s not what you think your reputation is. It’s what your clients and prospective clients say it is.

Aim of the workshop:

This program is designed to introduce the key concepts of brand strategy and how a strong brand strategy is instrumental to business success.

Who is it for:

This program is for marketers, sales professionals, managers, organisation leaders and any business owner or professional who is responsible for achieving business goals.

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