QQI Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing

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QQI Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing

Cost €125

Start Date 26th May

Tuesday Thursday
Week 1 26th May 28th May  9:15 – 12:30
Week 2 2nd June 4th June  9:15 – 12:30
Week 3 9th June 11th June  9:15 – 12:30
Week 4 16th June 18th June  9:15 – 12:30
Week 5 23rd June 25th June  9:15 – 12:30
Week 6 30th  June 2nd July  9:15 – 12:30

The Digital landscape is changing rapidly. New channels, strategies and benchmarks appear on a daily basis.

This practical hands on course will give you a complete overview of all of the core channels and how they fit together in order to plan and deliver successful digital and social media marketing campaigns, applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Over the duration of the course you will learn the following:

  • How to target and engage with your prospects & customers across the digital channels
  • Search strategies, testing options & landing page best practices to generate leads
  • How to use social media to reach & engage with the right audiences anywhere on the web
  • Multi-channel content marketing & how you can measure your ROI
  • How to execute and improve the ROI of any online campaign
  • How to stay current and competitive on the latest digital & social media trends
  • How to use your web analytics to measure what matters, identify changes that you can make to improve business results quickly
  • Which metrics to focus on based on your objectives, audience and offering
  • How to plan a digital marketing campaign from inception to completion
  • You will gain practical, real-world digital marketing training that will grow your business and accelerate your career

Is the Diploma in Digital Marketing Course for me?

Whether you are looking to grow your business, develop business opportunities or build and advance your career, this course is relevant for most professionals in business today.

  • Small Business owners/managers
  • Sales & Marketing professionals
  • IT & HR professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Consultants and Account Executives

Module 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing

Covered on this module

  • Introduction to the Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Logistics & key Digital resources
  • Overview of the course and assignment
  • Overview of the Digital Marketing landscape
  • Digital Marketing channels
  • Benefit and Importance of content and inbound marketing
  • Case studies

Module 2 Search Engine Optimisation

Covered on this module

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  • Why Search Engine Marketing is so important and how it works
  • The Search Engine Optimisation process
  • SEO planning, keyword research and analysis
  • On–page optimisation
  • Off–page optimisation
  • Link Building Conversion Optimisation
  • Localisation and getting found in Local Search
  • A structured process for SEO with 10 top tips and best practices.

Module 3 Pay Per Click

Covered on this module

  • Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing
  • The paid search market
  • How Google Adwords works
  • Setting up an adwords account
  • Keywords
  • Landing pages
  • Display Network
  • Quality Score
  • Bidding
  • Reporting & Measuring
  • Mobile & Social
  • Further support & reading

Module 4 Google Analytics

Covered on this module:

  • How Google Analytics works
  • Getting set up on Google Analytics
  • Privacy and Tracking codes
  • Understanding your visitors and improving reach
  • Tracking Goals
  • Using campaign tracking for social media
  • Google Analytics reports & actionable insights

Module 5 Facebook Marketing

  • How to ensure that your Facebook Page reflects your visual identity or that of your current marketing campaign
  • Understanding Facebook Page guidelines
  • Tips and tools for hosting competitions and promotions on your Facebook Page
  • Using applications to integrate your marketing Guidance managing Facebook comments
  • Developing a content plan that will support your Facebook marketing goals
  • How to increase visibility of your Facebook Page through Facebook advertising Measuring the impact of your Facebook marketing through Facebook Insights
  • A checklist to help you plan for a successful Facebook campaign
  • Best practice tips for using Facebook Groups to host a private community

Module 6 LinkedIn for Business

  • Understand the new LinkedIn layout for personal profiles and how to optimise it for lead generation
  • Best practice tips for building your business network on LinkedIn
  • Best practice tips for LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations
  • Etiquette for participating in LinkedIn Groups to help you build visibility an authority in your field
  • Essential tips for setting up your own LinkedIn Groups
  • Establishing a Company Page to promote your products and services
  • An overview of Linked Advertising to help you promote your products and services

Module 7 Mobile Marketing

Covered on this module:

  • Mobile traffic v’s desktop traffic
  • Smartphones in demographics
  • Mobile browsing
  • Social Media Marketing and mobile
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing Tools
  • Mobile Landing Pages
  • SMS
  • Current and Future Trends
  • Best Practice Case Studies

Module 8 Display Advertising

Covered on this module

  • What is Display Advertising?
  • Market trends
  • Display Advertising Formats
  • Publishers & monetisation
  • Pricing
  • Planning a campaign
  • Creative & SMART banners
  • Tracking & reporting

Module 9 Twitter, Blogging and online Video


  • Building a community of followers on Twitter
  • How to create Twitter content that engages your followers
  • Guidelines for using Twitter for customer support
  • Tips and tools to for a successful Twitter marketing plan
  • Guidance for hosting contests and competitions on Twitter
  • Tips for measuring the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing

Online Video For Business

  • Exploring the types of video that can support your marketing campaign
  • Platforms and tools to help you create your online videos
  • Platforms to host your online videos including using YouTube for business
  • Essential best practice tips for using YouTube in your business to host your online videos

Module 10 Email Marketing

Covered on this module:

  • Understanding email marketing best practices
  • Identifying ownership and where email marketing sits
  • Briefing on the latest privacy laws and guidelines
  • Building and segmenting your database
  • Understanding Email reporting
  • How to improve email campaign results
  • Strategies to improve deliverability
  • Multichannel marketing – integrating email with offline marketing
  • Matching content and offers to audiences to achieve results

Module Eleven Affiliate Marketing

Covered on this module

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • The main players
  • Affiliate networks
  • How it all works
  • Practical examples
  • Affiliate marketing SWOT
  • Why Set Up An Affiliate Programme
  • Affiliate Marketing Benefits
  • Affiliate Best Practice

Module Twelve Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Covered on this module:

  • Bringing it all together
  • Overview of the course assignment
  • How to create a Digital Marketing plan
  • Core components of a Digital Strategy
  • Frameworks to follow
  • Setting business objectives and Digital goals
  • Trackable KPI’s
  • Developing a metrics mix
  • Ongoing KPI & Metrics analysis

An emphasis on networking through the programme will be facilitated through:

Online networking facilities such as online groups and emails from the SureSkills team.

In-workshop group activities

Learning Approach

  • The focus of the training delivery concentrates on a balance of:
  • Structured Training
  • Formal Training
  • Interactive Learning
  • Teamwork and Team-building (Group dynamics and networking)
  • Practical Exercises
  • Individual Approach
  • The use of handouts and audio-visual materials
  • Trainer Presentation
  • Active Participation
  • Role Play
  • Project Work and Continuous Assessment


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QQI Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing

Contact: Jacqueline 059 9132152 / admin@carlowkilkennyskillnet.ie QQI Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing Cost €125

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