Get your Work and your World into Perspective for 2023

Date:  11th January 2023

Tutor:  Richard Burke

Venue: Online

Time: 9.30-12.30

Investment: €45 per person

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About this event

Our trainer for this workshop is Richard Burke.

The workshop will take place on 11th Jan 2023, from 9.30-12.30, online.

Richard will cover the following topics:

He will allow lots of time on the day for interaction and questions.

Getting work and the world into perspective
How your mind works
Thoughts and Emotions
Fear and Danger
Fear and Courage
Self Esteem
Anxiety and Withdrawal type people
Your personality type , the Big 5
Coping Mechanisms
Why we take things personally


Richard Burke has a unique mix of qualifications. He is an engineer, an MBA qualified manager, an award winning corporate trainer and a hypno-psychotherapist. His whole career has revolved around helping people manage change. He qualified as an engineer in 1992, winning the A.P.O’Reilly award for his paper on industrial psychology. After earning his MBA in 2002 he worked as a senior manager in manufacturing. He qualified as a trainer in 2007. Richard practices hypno-psychotherapy at a clinic called Safe Harbour, which he founded in 2005. In his clinic, he helps adults and children tackle a huge range of disorders. Having suffered from debilitating anxiety himself, he specializes in stress and trauma. The personal experience of anxiety motivated him to requalify as a therapist. Many companies use his clinic for personal interventions with their staff. Richard set up Resilience Matters Ltd in 2011, which focusses on reducing business and personal stress. He won the IITD national training awards in 2015 for the personal and business interventions he delivered on-site to the staff of the pharma company Sanofi. In the same year, his company was a winner at the National Health and Safety Awards for Pioneering Resilience in Ireland. His interventions reduced absenteeism by 30% and visits to the doctor by 18% in a 12- month period. He was also a finalist at the IITD training awards in 2021 with Brown Thomas Arnotts for his intervention “ Coping with Covid” His courses are part of the Engineers Ireland and the Nurses’ Board CPD schedule. Richard has trained thousands of people in stress management. He works with large corporations, government institutions, multinational companies, educational bodies, hospitals and non-profits

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