Health and Safety Compliance Management

Health and Safety Compliance Management

Trainer: Augha Management t/a JPD Management and Consultancy Services

Cost: €50 per person

Date: 24th November 1st December 2020

Time: 10am -12pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Contact: Jacqueline 059 9132152 /

Day 1: 24th November: 10am – 12pm 

Day 2: 1st December: 10am – 12pm 

The costs associated with not Managing Health and Safety far outweighs the costs of Managing Health and Safety for your business. This is before we take into the account the devastating effect a loss of a life or serious injury can leave for an individual, family, your organisation or within the wider brand and community.
Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet in conjunction with AUGHA Management Limited have developed a new Health and Safety Compliance Management Course suitable for a wide range of Businesses.

Programme Aims
This programme aims to provide you with the knowledge and skill development in Health and Safety Compliance Management. This programme incorporates theoretical classroom training delivered by experienced and qualified tutors. The course will cover the following,

o Compliance and Regulations
o Checklist for Managers and Supervisors to keep within the above compliance
o Toolbox of skills to Manage Health and Safety before problems may arise
o Risks Assessments and what this mean for your business
o Covid compliance issues
o HSA (Health & Safety Authority) visits and being ready for them

Course Layout
The course will run over two half day virtual session,
Day 1
– Education and Learnings outlined in the Programme Aims above.
– Duties under the 2005 Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act.
– Raising of Awareness within your business – highlighting an area / area for improvement
Day 2
– Sharing of a real-life accident, and how this could have been avoided
– Reviewing of areas of improvement in your organisation as highlighted in day 1

The Tutor
“Manage your business with everything you wished you had under your arm, should you ever have to go up the steps of the court house” … is a well coined phrase of James Doyle’s. James has over twenty-five years’ experience in Managing Health and Safety Compliance within Industry. James has a talent of being able to break down Safety Management, into a meaningful language that engages with people at all levels throughout the organisation.

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Health and Safety Compliance Management

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