Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders

Lunchtime Lessons for Leaders

Cost: €35 per person

Date:  7th, 14th, 21st and 28th September 2020

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Venue: Online

Contact: Jacqueline 059 9132152 / admin@carlowkilkennyskillnet.ie



Gerry Duffy is a professional speaker in the corporate sector and works with companies like MSD, SAP, Norvartis Pharmaceuticals, Boston Scientific, Analogue Devices, Clancy Construction, Silver Hill Foods and Aer Lingus. His core expertise is in Leadership, Goal Setting and Public Speaking. For fun he loves extreme sport and has completed 32 Marathons in 32 consecutive days. He has also written 3 books including THE GOAL GETTER – 35 Different Ways to Reach Your Goals.

How to move beyond Covid and get your business back to where you want it to be

(a virtual program for senior leaders and ceo’s delivered in 4 x one hour modules)


Module One – The Power of Perspective

 How often do we hear the need to be ‘Resilient for business’ ? But have you ever figured how to do this? In this module we will understand the power of perspective and how it can help us build an impregnable mindset to realise we can achieve anything we put our minds to.


Module Two – How to Nurture Creative Thinking

All business are like flowers – they either grow or die. To helps our businesses grow, our thinking is critical. In this module, we will uncover three ways to nurture a creative thinking environment among our people and uncover evidence of its impact.


Module Three – BEFORE unlocking the ANSWERS, Understand THE questions

It is often said that we need to find answers. But what are the questions we need to ask to get the answers we seek. Here we will give show you what great questions can look like and how they can unlock powerful answers to help us get clear on where we wish to go. Smart people give smart answers, geniuses ask great questions.


Module Four – Mentoring v coaching – A Case for both

Mentoring is where we share our views, ideas and answers. But what is coaching and how can it add even more to our success? In this module, we will explain the difference and explain why introducing a coach approach can project a business forward at a rapid pace.



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