December 3, 2018


Date: 13th of March 2019

Cost: €95 per person

Time: 9.30am to 5.00pm

Venue: Gateway Business Centre, Athy road, Carlow

Contact: Theresa: 059 9132152/

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Target Audience: Aimed at users who have experience with Excel and want to build on their current knowledge to set up their own pivot tables and charts.

Course Objectives: To develop a good working knowledge of pivot tables and charts.

Pivot Tables

  • Steps in creating a Pivot Table
  • Select the required fields for the Pivot Table
  • Edit the pivot table
  • Format the pivot table
  • Turning on / off subtotals in the Table
  • Update and refresh a pivot table when the source data is changed
  • Add a data field and change the calculation method
  • Show multiple totals across columns
  • Group fields for data analysis
  • Pivot Table Options for Formats, Totals & Filters, Display, Printing and Data options
  • Sorting Field Items
  • Create a Pivot Chart
  • Field Settings for data analysis within the Table
  • Creating Formulas in the Table – Calculated Fields / Calculated Items
  • Drilldown options
  • Creating Slicers
  • Editing Slicers
  • Connection Slicers to multiple Pivot Tables and multiple Charts

Charts Data Visualisation & Dashboards

  • Identify the different types of charts available in Excel
  • List the steps involved in creating a chart
  • Select the data range
  • Format the chart
  • Edit a chart after it has been completed
  • Add graphics to the chart
  • Using multiple axis
  • Combination charts i.e. Line and Column
  • Creating templates for charts
  • Import the chart into PowerPoint / Word
  • Adding dynamic Chart Titles.
  • Adding controls to charts

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