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Out trainer for this course is Gráinne O Reilly from Lorg Management Consultants. Gráinne is a Consultant Corporate Psychologist.

Gráinne began her working life as a Lecturer in Personnel Management, then moved into the electronics industry in Human Resources and subsequently to the pharmaceutical, marine manufacturing industry as Human Resources Director for large manufacturing companies in Cork.

Gráinne set up an independent Consultancy Practice – “Lorg” in 1989 and has done extensive work with both Companies and Private clients on Management Effectiveness, Work/Life Balance, Life and Career Planning, & Pressure Stress Management. She has also done in-Company work on Executive Outplacement, Career/Life Planning, Employee Retention, Management Development, and Recruitment.

Throughout her working career both in Industry and Private Practice, Gráinne has identified Stress as being one of the greatest constraints on Managerial and Employee efficiency and productivity. She consequently has used her qualifications, training, experience and personal qualities to bring focused practical solutions to this area of worklife.


This course assumes that you want to have a successful, enjoyable career that keeps you pleasantly stretched and interested. Part of the price of success is coping with the pressure of competing demands just as you must cope with the stresses and pressures your organization experiences as it struggles to change, survive and thrive in this fast-changing world. Good pressure management is therefore critically important for career success. Stress is one of the greatest constraints on Managerial/Employee and Personal efficiency and productivity.

Dates: for 2021 to follow

Price: per person €695

If you would like to put your name on the list please email

The purpose of this course is to help you:

  • Work more effectively under pressure and increase performance at work and life
  • Perform successfully, healthily and happily under the pressures that inevitably come from life, living and working
  • The techniques that this programme teaches will help you to:
    • Thrive in and enjoy challenging jobs
    • Understand where things can go wrong and plan to fix them
    • Think more clearly
    • Make better and more productive decisions
    • Live and work harmoniously with the people around you
    • Work with powerful people to mutual advantage
    • Change environment to eliminate accumulations of stressful events
    • Understand negative thoughts and emotions like self-criticism, anxiety and fear-learning, how to challenge these and turn them around to be sources of rational positive thinking.
    • Build buffers against stress that will help you in life and work, these will also promote health and wellbeing

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