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Speaker School

Date:  24th January 2023

Tutor:  Gerry Duffy

Venue: Online

Time: 9.30-4.30

Investment: €95 per person

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This course is intended for owners, managers or people who do presentations of any kind, lead teams or pitch contracts.

Learning outcomes:

UNDERSTAND the 4 elements of a great presentation

OVERCOME any fear around speaking

Be able to deliver any speaking presentation in a more CONFIDENT manner

UNDERSTAND how to get your key messages across

RECOGNISE how to make PowerPoint really impactful

HOLD any audience’s attention for as long as you want


When opening any presentation it is vital that you capture people immediately. What you do in the first 1% of your time in front of them really matters.

You will learn some key techniques including how your breathing impacts how you speak, how to take control of any speaking environment and where your focus should be.

You will learn some subtle things you can do to really engage with your audience. You will learn about the power of pause and even silence in a presentation, you will discover how to create intrigue so that people are ready to hear your key message and you will discover the 4 P’s of stagecraft so that your audience never forgets you.

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